Revitalize your LIFE by revitalizing YOU!

Stephen Covey says it beautifully in his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, independence is awesome, but interdependence moves mountains (okay, so I paraphrased a little.)  When you’re ready to evolve in a big way, I’m here to help!  We’ll collaboratepartner, and create together to get you moving, shaking and grooving towards a more energized, fulfilled and thriving you!

I’m excited to learn more about you and how we can revitalize YOUR life.


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Excited to give this career workshop this month!

When you are in any kind of transition in life, transformation & personal evolution is knocking at your front door.  I’m really excited to help graduated students discover their core values and create a career path that feels right for them!  On the way, they’ll learn tips and tools to help strengthen their healthy (mind, body and soul) to get them living their best quality of life!

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So much gratitude for these beautifully handmade Urban Antiq bracelets for my clients!

The labyrinth represents life’s journey & its many pathways. And in coaching together, they discover a pathway of fulfillment, happiness & self evolution that’s entirely unique to them! It’s a reciprocal ball of awesomeness =)  Check out this amazing artist at Urban Antiq. Creations made from the heart <3!
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Celebratory meal after my Vitality workshop at All in One Fitness in Berkeley!

Vegan goodness!
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Almond butter!!

If you don’t already know, processed sugars are pretty horrible for you.   Check out this article to learn more about it.  I keep my sugar intake in serious check, so I use this little trick to get me through those hard hitting sugar cravings.  A healthy little teaspoon of freshly grinned almond butter is my go to and because it’s made with plain and simple almonds, I know there aren’t any additives, sugars or other foreign ingredients that my body doesn’t need.  And like my little four year-old niece tells me, “try it, ya might like it!”
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Being the VESSEL to your most amazing QUALITY of LIFE!

And I’m talking mind, body & spirit!! It’s my passion & purpose. =) My clients constantly inspire me & after a coach call with a dear client of mine, he created a revised path to his life’s course by re-calibrating, re-centering & recharging. Afterwards, he sent me this heartfelt message. All I gotta to say is, always do YOU, be YOU, be TRUE!

When things are going kinda crazy in your life and you feel like you’re “doing” too much; too much working, thinking, stressing over what the future holds, that you’re not doing “enough.” Take a step back and try the following:

  • Quiet the mind, sit for a for minutes and just focus on your breath and the sounds around you. Get cool with being zen.
  • Once you are out of your head & thoughts, put your hand to your chest (or your heart) and focus on the first feeling you feel.
  • Once you identify that, spend some time with it; talk to it, journal about it, reflect on it…it’s your inner self telling you that something is up.

Then move through your day with calm and steadiness knowing you’re acknowledging that feeling, it may just be the one thing that wants some TLC:

T (time/attention/thought) L (love/acknowledgment) C (care/choosing to look at something in a different light.)

Shine on folks, shine ON!

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Picking up the vegan goodness!

I like to train pretty intensely, what can I say, I love to sweat! Crosspit workouts at the Academy of Self Defense not only test my physical limits but my mental ones as well.  As a plant based eater, I always have to be sure I’m fueling myself with the proper nutrition.  I tend to cycle out different types of vegan protein powders.  This is one of my go-to’s and I’m happy to have circled back to it.  How are you incorporating healthy proteins into your body?  Have you ever tried a vegan protein?  If you haven’t yet, try it, ya might like it!

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Yesterday I completed my first Tough Mudder!

Hooorahh! And here’s what I learned: interdependence moves mountains, walking straight into fear makes you stronger in the mind & the body, believing you can, is half the battle & stretching your comfort zone is where the gold of growth, personal evolution & aliveness happens. Try it, it just might revitalize YOU =)
If you you’re not familiar with this a$$ kicking event, check this out!
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