Being the VESSEL to your most amazing QUALITY of LIFE!

And I’m talking mind, body & spirit!! It’s my passion & purpose. =) My clients constantly inspire me & after a coach call with a dear client of mine, he created a revised path to his life’s course by re-calibrating, re-centering & recharging. Afterwards, he sent me this heartfelt message. All I gotta to say is, always do YOU, be YOU, be TRUE!

When things are going kinda crazy in your life and you feel like you’re “doing” too much; too much working, thinking, stressing over what the future holds, that you’re not doing “enough.” Take a step back and try the following:

  • Quiet the mind, sit for a for minutes and just focus on your breath and the sounds around you. Get cool with being zen.
  • Once you are out of your head & thoughts, put your hand to your chest (or your heart) and focus on the first feeling you feel.
  • Once you identify that, spend some time with it; talk to it, journal about it, reflect on it…it’s your inner self telling you that something is up.

Then move through your day with calm and steadiness knowing you’re acknowledging that feeling, it may just be the one thing that wants some TLC:

T (time/attention/thought) L (love/acknowledgment) C (care/choosing to look at something in a different light.)

Shine on folks, shine ON!

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