It’s no accident how I ended up here, it was just a matter of time.  As a first generation Filipino-American, I carried the high hopes of achieving theAmerican Dreamwhich my parents worked so hard for my brother and I to have an opportunity to pursue.

After graduating from college, I was on the fast track to living out that world.  I worked as client services professional in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 15 years.  From high-tech marketing communications managing Fortune 500 clients to working with high-profile guests for the worlds #1 active travel company I learned firsthand that chasing that dream of “success” and actually feeling “fulfilled” were two very different things.  

I worked hard and played harder and my health (born with the skin condition psoriasisstarted to deteriorate.  But it wasn’t just my health that was going down, it was everything; my life balance, my vitality, my happiness.  I was on empty… mind, body and soul. And the question of, “is this really all there is?” would linger in my mind all of the time.

Tired and burnt out, I was determined to reignite my inner spark, re-center my chi (life energy) and set out on the road to recovery, to revitalize my life!

Through self work, self discovery and getting real honest with myself, I flipped the script completely. Today, I live a vibrant, healthy (mind, body & spirit 90% skin clear of psoriasis), fulfilled and intentional life, on my terms.  

I trained at the prestigious Coaches Training Institute (CTI), earned my BA in Communications from San Jose State University (and minored in Recreation & Leisure studies).  And as a lifelong athlete, dancer & fitness professional, I also know firsthand what it takes physically and mentally to push through the challenges that life brings.  

The truth is, I was born to do this.  I’m passionate about this work and believe that everyone deserves to live BIG, shine BRIGHT and live a life full of VITALITY!

With loads of love & gratitude,

Des =)



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