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Over the past several years, I have worked with a number of coaches trying to find the right “fit”.  I am so happy that I found Desiree!!  Not only have I found a great coach, but the integration she brings to my overall well-being–body, mind, and soul–has had a tremendous impact on me.  Her spirit is contagious.  I have LOVED working with her.  She’s a unique individual and brings that to her coaching!!! ~ Dani Combs

Prior to working with Desiree, I was in the same stuck place for years trying to find my “path.” I was in a transitional period with my career and all of the stress I was under started taking its toll on my health and well-being.  I found myself anxiety ridden and in poor health.  I was ready for a serious change.  And since I started working with Des, my life has completely changed a true 180 degrees.  I am in the best shape of my life, my eating habits are super healthy and I love being active.  My work and creative life has completely transformed as well.  I have clearly defined my goals, understood my truths and values and now live more proactively and with sprinkles of enthusiasm in most everything I do.  She has a spark of energy that’s like a firecracker and zest like no other coach I have come into contact with.  She is incredibly inspiring, and consistently delivers valuable coaching. Today, I am calmer, focused, excited about life and most important, healthy!  She is a true gem and I’ve recommended Desiree to colleagues and friends who are looking to restart and reignite their life.  ~  Ashraf Ahmad | Social Media Consultant


Chasing the American dream can be exhausting. In its pursuit, the balancing of competing interests and time constraints can weigh heavily in favor of career and/or family to the detriment of personal health and fulfillment. At least, that’s what I experienced. Fortunately for me, I have Des. She has been instrumental in helping me to achieve that delicate balance between career, family, and personal growth without compromise and with renewed vigor. She is a remarkable source of guidance, inspiration, and support. I highly recommend her to anyone, particularly professionals like me seeking to rediscover and restore their enthusiasm.  ~ Priscilla P. DeGois, Esq. | Attorney


The simplest way to describe how Des is as a life coach is that she is like a personal trainer for your well-being. She helps get you on the right track and release your potential to its fullest, while being true to yourself.  The benefit that I received when working with Des was helping me on those personal relationships that are challenging. She helped me look deeper in myself and understand some of the deep rooted issues and the work we did transformed my relationshipsShe gave me the confidence to believe in myself, stand up for myself and realize my worth.  ~  Jolina Gallero | Professional Services Coordinator at SPLUNK


What can say about Des, she’s amazing, that’s what!  The more I work with her, the more I find out about myself, and I tell you that could be a scary thing, if you had to go it alone. She has definitely helped me uncover what my weaknesses are and has helped me to be okay with them.  When we work together, we don’t have time for the pity parties.  Our calls are straight to the point.  I guess that comes with time.  You can’t go wrong with having a coach, all the great ones have one and I tell you, Des will certainly push you to greatness.  Thanks Des!  ~  Derrick Anderson | Owner of Bodyworks Plus


I was juggling between different things going in my life and I knew I needed direction, Desiree help give me ideas to point me in the direction I knew I wanted to go, just didn’t know how to get there.  I wanted to work with her because of her upbeat personality and enthusiasm.  In terms of my small business, she helped me see a solid business model foundation.  We discuss valuable information to make my business successful.  And personally, she keeps me motivated and gave me “the drive” to become a better person through my fitness, health and just overall lifestyle.  I knew it was going to be a hard adjustment and it was the greatest decision of my life to work with her.  She has helped change my life for the better and Desiree’s knowledge is priceless and very valuable.  ~  Geraldine Donesa | Owner of Dolldine Designs


Why would anyone think to have a coach?  Well haven’t we all felt stuck or confused in some area of our lives, or lost a passion or direction that once drove us excitedly to our dreams?  A good coach can help you clear the “weeds of the mind” to help you re-discover the passion that drives you to ultimately lead the life you have always dreamed of.  I’ve worked with numerous coaches in the past for various things to propel my business and personal life forward.  Desiree is one of the best life coaches I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  Her talent lies in the intuitive energy she brings to match your current circumstances and goals with a unique, yet methodical approach to achieve your physical, emotional, spiritual, personal, and/or business goals in a time frame that is impossible to do on your own.  Since working with her my practice has exploded.  My business has never been more profitable as I’ve expanded to 2 locations since opening up 3 short years ago.  And at 39 years old with 3 kids, I can see muscles I haven’t seen since my early 20s.   I attribute these results to my work with Desiree.  She comes with my highest recommendations.  ~  Dr. Jo | Owner of Live Well Chiropractic Centers 


Des has this way of building from the ground up with fundamentals, I was a little nervous hiring a life coach, I knew I didn’t need a mother-figure telling me what to do, I needed something else.  I learned how to identify love, acceptance, and blockages in my life during our sessions.  Des has the balance of loving energy and encouragement with a hint of discipline.  I’ve worked with a coach in the past and it didn’t work, I felt like I was given a “to-do” list and had challenges around commitment.  I am not a routine person, and Des is so amazing at keeping me guessing, engaged and is so flexible she makes me want more to do more and be more.  ~  Catherine Oclassen | Owner of Gentle Waters Detox


Having Desiree in my life, even if it’s for just 10 mins out of the week, has enriched and elevated the quality of my life. Her spirit is welcoming and loving. She encourages you to find your inner child and rediscover the youthful spirit that’s buried within. She practices what she preaches minus all the preaching. Desiree is well balanced and optimized in mind, body and spirit so her coaching reflects that by focusing on all the areas of your life and the quality of living. Her positive energy is contagious and will leave you feeling inspired. All the while, she asks the right questions and offers the proper tools to raise your own personal bar of standards.  ~  Caroline Yim | Owner of  Urban Antiq


In every interaction with Des, I come away with new insights that I could apply in all aspects of my life – from health to career to relationships.  I’m constantly amazed at what she has to offer – and what she has helped me realize that I have to offer.  Des has a rare gift of coaching and is able to bring out the best in people.  She is truly an inspiration!  ~  Rosanne Pizarro | Operations Project Consultant


I always feel like I’m in good hands with Desiree. I’d been struggling with my fitness goals for a long time. I was exercising regularly, but never was able to fully reach my fitness goals. After going on the cleanse that Des recommended, I have to say this is probably the best I’ve ever felt in my entire life and that is a pretty huge statement! I always read about the benefits of a plant-based diet but never really took any of it in. Aside from how I’m feeling on the inside – I noticed a huge physical difference. My skin has really cleared up! I was actually kind of shocked to see I haven’t been breaking out especially with the amount of training I do. I definitely feel little to no bloating and seeing better definition in my stomach area is a pretty nice perk too. I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for recommending this cleanse and lifestyle. You gave me the support and motivation to get me on it and to complete it!  ~  Eva Castillo | Call Center Manager


Desiree’s energy in her workshops is contagious, she allowed us to express ourselves freely to gain a better understanding of who we and her insight, spot-coaching and feedback helped us see more closely how our minds work and gave us tools to change the perspective of our fears or walls that we build.  ~  Juan Fernandez, Vitality Workshop Participant


I’m continually inspired by Desiree’s passion and energy for living life to its fullest. Her warmth and compassion made me feel truly supported as I explored new directions, and I learned some good tools to help me access my own vitality along the way.  ~Sally Vedros | Marketing Consultant


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